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1st International Solar Fuels Conference 2015


ISF-1 Young was the pre-event of ISF-1 and took place April 24 - 26 2015 at the Ångström laboratory, Uppsala University.

Inspired by earlier successful young researchers meetings (e.g. the Gordon Research Seminar) we invited PhD students, post-docs and other young scientists to present their research at ISF-1 Young.  

Our aim was to provide a forum for young scientists to present and discuss their research amongst each other in a more familiar atmosphere. Oral presentations selected from the abstracts and invited senior keynote speakers were chosen from a wide variety of fields dealing with solar fuels in the same interdisciplinary spirit as the conference. In addition, poster-sessions, lab-tours, a party and other social activities provided enough room for building up a strong network amongst each other.

The organizing committee were students working in the solar fuels field.  

Keynote speakers (click names for info):

Stenbjörn Styring

Sascha Ott

Wolfgang Hess

Amanda Smeigh

Dick Co


Directions to Ångström:

Map showing the location of the Ångström laboratory: